Budget: Tap_store_and_more on ebay UK has an amazing range of ENKI traditional tapware. Ive used their products a few times and am always happy. 

Mid Range: Restoration Online

Top End: The English Tapware Company in my opinion is the best tapware money can buy.



Clawfoot: Tasbath restore and deliver custom clawfoot baths in whatever finish or colour you desire.



Budget: MJ Knobs and Knockers and Art of Brass. The Foundry Man. All on Etsy.

Mid Range: The Society Inc. Tradco. Schots.

Top End: Devol UK. 

Switches and Mounting Blocks: Schots. 


Budget: IKEASchots.

Mid Range: Restoration Online.  


Budget: Ikea. Kmart

Mid Range: HnM do gorgeous linen bedding and cushions.  

Top End: In The Sac Linen. House of Baltic Linen. Bed Tonic. Major Minor Homewares. 

Soft Furnishings
& HOMewares

Curtains: Ikea Linen Curtains, Hale Mercantile. 

Cushions: Cultiver.

Furniture: MCM House. Weylandts. Globe West. Jardan. Great Dane Furniture. MRD Home. Max Sparrow.

Rugs: Armadillo and Co (they do custom designs. The Rug Collection. Pampa (they also do custom rugs + sell lovely homewares.

Budget Suppliers: Freedom. West Elm. Ikea. Indigo Love Collectors. HK Living via House of Orange. Rapee. Linen House. HnM Home. Temple & Webster.

Textile Printers: Utopia Goods. Sparkk (can custom, massive range of prints).








Interiors: Marnie Hawson, Mark Roper, Sue Stubbs, Chris Crerar.

Weddings and Events: Lara Hotz

Lifestyle and For Social Media: Jessica Tremp, Marnie Hawson

Social Media: The Social School.

Social Media Strategy & Management for larger accounts: @cabinlove - email lindseybro@gmail.com

Copy Writing and Business Naming: Big Words.

Influencers (that you can hire): @cabinlove - email lindseybro@gmail.com

Social Media & Copy Writers


Design, Illustration and Websites: Erin Malloy. Wildbrand



Me, Sarah Andrews. Inside Story (Lynda Gardner and Belle Hemmingway) - 0416 032 111, Sophie the Stylist. Cheryl Carr - @albertandgrace