I’ve seen a lot a beautiful home tours on Design Sponge, but this is by far the most magical.
— Well Considered Prints

One of the best tours on DS yet! Magical. And the design is gorgeous–like Jersey Ice Cream Co. meets the Aussie wilds.
— Erica

That is the most beautiful home I have EVER seen. Savour every second, Sarah, you are so unbelievably fortunate.
— Elaine Thompson

This is the most beautiful home I have ever seen
— Elise Abigail Photography

This is why I love interiors. When seeing a space is like walking into the middle of a great story.
— Mabelle Arts

This is seriously a fairy tale house!!! I love it so much!
— Allison

Wow, so incredible what she did with the home. Her story would be an incredible novel in itself. One of the best homes I’ve ever seen on Design Sponge. Thank you for sharing your story and home.
— Michelle
This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL, perfect and wonder-filled place I’ve EVER seen. May I state officially; Sarah, I love you. (And I’m a straight, married woman but this is a border- and genderless true love!)

You gave me two wonderful sentences which speak also for myself: Why live practically when you can live beautifully…. and: Nothing makes anything more beautiful than age…..

Every single detail made me go ah and oh – I can’t see anything I couldn’t not love….. it’s perfect in its imperfection, it’s flawless in its limits of a budget, constraints and possibilities and you are a brilliant person doing all this under your own steam! I would love, love, love, to visit you. I love water above any other form of living and this speaks deeply to me.
What attracted me was Sofia’s truly wonderful description of your place. I think she too is more than just a bit in love with your captain’s rest. I adore all the portraits, we have so much in common in our love – and now I shall probably be dreaming of sleeping in a giant snow globe :) Well, now THAT is wishful thinking!
— KiKi