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Is there any worse torture than writing about yourself? I can't think of one so I got Sofia Tuovinen from Design Sponge to do it instead.


On a dark night sailing across the Pacific Ocean, Sarah Andrews’ story took a dramatic turn. A harrowing storm caught up with her, sunk the boat she called home and left her stranded. After losing everything she owned on that fateful night at sea, Sarah would spend several years trying to find ways to replace both her beloved boat and the incomparable feeling of being one with the water. When she eventually spotted an ad for a run-down cottage on the Tasmanian coast, she didn’t hesitate. She bought the shack, sight unseen, unaware that fixing it up would become the first chapter in her biggest and most rewarding adventure yet.



Determined to bring back its lost character and charm, Sarah lovingly transformed the small waterfront cottage, befittingly named Captains Rest, into the cozy and serene haven that so many people across the world have fallen in love with. From enjoying strong cups of coffee by the fire to gazing out over the stormy sea and starlit sky, Captains Rest was designed for the simple, but wonderful things in life.

Captains Rest established Sarah as a visual storyteller, teacher and stylist, and perfectly reflects the relaxed and timeless aesthetic that she is now known for. She pours her heart and soul into every project, designing spaces and settings that tell beautiful tales, capture hearts and spark the imagination. Teaching others how to do it as she goes. The common thread in all her projects is a true sense of authenticity, a feeling of walking into a story that you never want to end.


Her effortless way of capturing the beauty and true spirit of each space, and her love for creating unique environments with heartfelt and compelling stories have gained both national and international recognition. Her work has been featured in Country Style, Design*Sponge, Home Beautiful, Real Living, Home Style and more. Life on the road allows Sarah to be inspired by the unique beauty of her ever-changing surroundings. Her adventurous and untamed spirit is the key to the authenticity and deep emotion expressed in all that she does, from styling, teaching and writing, to capturing stunning shots for clients alike. Always exploring faraway places and chasing the sunrise, Sarah is available for projects, adventures and new chapters in every corner of the world.



— Sofia Tuovinen, Design Sponge.



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